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The Educatees Brand

Educational T-shirts and Supplemental Items

The Educatees brand originally started in 2013 with educational t-shirts. Over the years the company has expanded its brand to include additional educational resources such as totes, books, puzzles, and toys. These products are geared towards the educators and children aged 0-6 years old. 

Retail and Online

Educatees offers its product lines at its headquarters location at 6816 N Frostwood Parkway Peoria, IL 61615. Customers can shop for items from all Educatees product offerings. Custom orders can also be placed at the Frostwood location.  

Custom T-shirts

Educatees is also able to supply custom t-shirt designs for customers needing t-shirts for special occasions such as family reunions, school gear, events, business giveaways, and personal use.  

Our Story

The concept for Educatees started over 18 years ago. Our founder, Felisa Durr, formerly owned a tee shirt company while raising a young son. One day while she was wearing one of her tee shirts and playing with her son, he stopped in mid-sentence and yelled "Mommy look! I can spell my name. D-A-V-I-D." Little David, at only 3 years old, had recognized the letters of his name in the words on the front of his Mom's tee shirt. Felisa was impressed but didn't think much of this because David always liked to find the letters of his name on many things around the home. The "aha" moment came four years later when Felisa's next son, at around the same age, had the same reaction. Felisa watched in utter amazement as her son spelled the letters of his name - C-A-M-E-R-O-N. David was the inspiration and Cameron was the confirmation that maybe, just maybe, this could be an actual business of selling tee shirts with educational information on the front. What about a company called Educatees! What about putting everything that was learned in a classroom or textbook on the front of a tee shirt. If you think about it, people read the front of tee shirts every day. But what about capitalizing on this experience for children to learn as well? The boys are now young men. But Felisa can attribute this chance to help kids around the world learn their ABCs and more and is constantly encouraged by the memory of her two little boys who were excited to see the letters of their name on a simple tee shirt.